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Experience York like you never have before. 

With Tours in a Dish you will be taken deep into the heart of York’s vibrant culinary scene where you will discover far more than simply a tasty dish here and there. Step away from the shadows of the Minster and the better-known tourist attractions, and follow your guide through a maze of the city’s best kept secrets. Step up a creaking staircase leading to a lively Korean kitchen, discover market delights hidden under your nose, and sip the city’s best cocoa while exploring local snickleways, with plenty more surprises en route. Enjoying food and drink at every stop, you’ll also get to meet the faces behind York’s budding food scene and receive an exclusive insight as you step into their world. 

Our Food Tours are about the food but they are also about the people and the history. From locally sourced produce to food from distant lands, you are sure to find it a perfect experience to satisfy your appetite for unique, delicious + authentic adventures.

Whatever your craving, Tours in a Dish will take you to the extraordinary.




Tours in a Dish was born from the realisation that the best memories of living and travelling across the world were often those simply spent around a table sharing in the local flavours with new friends and acquaintances.

Taste is the best gateway to a different culture and sometimes even our own and sharing food together unites us.  It is in this spirit that Tours in a Dish and Food Tours in York was created. You will be taken way off the beaten track and it will have you delve deep into York's own culinary heart.  The people we meet are great, the food is beautiful and every tour is a new adventure. Along the way you might even learn an interesting thing or two...or three about the city and about food and the very best places to eat in York... Who knows. You'll just have to experience it all for yourself. 

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