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Experience York Like Never Before

About Tours in a Dish

Tours in a Dish is here to take you on a culinary journey through York, showcasing the city's hidden gems and thriving food scene. Our walking tours give you the opportunity to take in the stunning sights and rich history of York through the best possible medium: food!

Research and local York knowledge are the foundation of our food tours. The plan has always been to find the best places to eat in York and explore the city's unsuspected places. I then got to know the people behind the foodie stops and the restaurants and I was blown away. Every day I am blown away by their passion, their perseverance, their talent, and the madness of their trade. I love bringing you to some of York's best (and most secret) restaurants, having a chat, a laugh, and plenty to eat. To this day, I am amazed at everything these food entrepreneurs bring to the table.

- Marion

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Introducing you to York's Food Heroes

We put the spotlight on the heroes of York's food scene, encouraging both visitors and locals alike to try new things, explore places and flavours off the beaten track, and meet new people. We believe that food is the heart of any culture, and we want to share the incredible flavours, stories, and experiences that make York a gastronomic treasure.

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Walking tours that connect you with the city, its flavours, and others

Each tour is carefully curated to provide a memorable experience for our guests, as we connect you with the people and places that make our city's food culture so special, and fellow foodies from all over the world. Our commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering a sense of community makes every tour unique. 


Discover a new (and delicious) side of York!

We offer a range of tours, but they all have a few things in common: a delightful stroll through York, visits to intimate locations off the typical tourist path, and the chance to meet local food entrepreneurs - all with a friendly local guide who will share insider knowledge about the city and its food scene. 

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