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I Love You. A Valentines Day Special for every day of the year.

I love you.

Such strong little words, these three are. And so difficult to say, sometimes, but so important. Today, apparently, is the day we dedicate to speaking them, the day where they become a little lighter, perhaps a little easier to say.

I'm not the greatest fan of Valentines Day but I am a fan of these three little words and I think they can be said and gifted in many ways. With silence, with attention, a look or a smile... With food, also.

And because these three little words should be in our lips and in our hearts and on our palm on many more days than just today here’s for you last-minute list of those foodie spots in York which will celebrate the words, alone, quietly and with a book, with friends or, of course, with that very special someone. Today and every other day.

The most romantic destination par excellence, the Grays Court Hotel welcomes you in beautiful though intimate elegance. The building is one with the richest history in York, having housed some of the city’s greatest and has been lovingly restored by Helen + her family. Book one of their grand, luxurious rooms for an unforgettable experience or simply dine in The Bow Room Restaurant, their very newest.

If you or your other half likes wine, head to the Cave for a drink before delving into further foodie indulgence. As the sister venue of Josh Overrington’s Le Cochon Aveugle, the Cave not only serves great wines but also simple but superb nibbles to go along with the drink. Josh was on the Great British Menu, just FYI. The wine list is extensive and you will surely find something for every taste and every pocket. You can try the wine before you buy and, if you find yourself brave enough, you can even try the very peculiar orange wine. Curious? I’m not telling you anything more.

What happens when you bring together one of York’s smallest, quirkiest and greatest coffee shop with a Fine-Art Student come ‘freelance’ pâtissière? What you get, I’m telling you, is a pop-up event not to miss where you will be greeted in a superbly warm atmosphere, where things are slow and chilled, where coffee is brewed to perfection (seriously though, Ross is a true maniac - in a good sense) and revel in exquisite pastries seldom offered to others in York (Ezster doesn’t hold shop and operates on a delivery-specific basis from her home kitchen). I say this is the epitomy of romance and grace and quirkiness all in one.

During the space of an afternoon, you will tour some of York’s best and most undiscovered foodie spots, tasting a wide range of products and meeting with those bringing this incredible diversity to the table. The tours are made with love and as we nibble our way across the city we laugh and we chat and we part filled with stories to tell, eyes glistening with new discoveries, stomach and soul full to the brim. With our Gift Vouchers, the tours can be offered on the day and enjoyed at a time where you both feel you need a little bit of love and a little bit of adventure and a little bit more (and better) food.

You think Chocolate for Valentine is overrated? Think again. Chocolate is good and rich and sweet and warms the heart on cold February days. It lightens the mood and elevates the spirit. They say chocolate is an aphrodisiac and it was once shunned by the church. So please don’t skimp on the city’s Chocolate heritage and pay a visit to York Cocoa House where you will be met with a great chocolate-based menu along with the very best, thickest and lushest hot chocolates you will ever taste. Love at first taste.

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