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Veganuary 2020 in York with Tours in a Dish

Hidden Gems Food Tour - the vegan version!

Seeds are vegan and this little seed was planted last January when I saw how people were embracing the idea of Vegan-uary, a month to dedicate to veganism. January is the perfect month to do this, not only is it the only month in the year where vegan seamlessly sews itself into January’s semantics (no Vegan-ember doesn’t work!) but it is also the time of year for cutting back on Christmas excess, starting a-fresh, thinking about health, a better world - a time for BIG IDEAS and resolution…..

A month without meat, fish, dairy products (yes, that’s cheese too - aagh!) is a big ask for many people but there is definitely an appetite out there to give it a go. Interest in consuming more sustainably and living a healthier life on a planet we can look after better is something Joe Bloggs & I most certainly want to do.

And so, the Hidden Gems Food tour of York vegan version is born in Veganuary 2020...

And here’s the funny part. When research for the tour began, I found that vegan version is there anyway, often without us even realising it. Great food full of flavour, sourced locally and inspired globally (yes, that’s Yorkshire too!) is what many of the independent foodie places in York are all about and there is plenty of vegan on the menu with or without the helpful “v”.

Whether veganism is a way of living for you, or you’ve decided to try it out or perhaps just simply curious, I invite you to Veganuary Saturdays in York on the Hidden Gems Food Tour eating your way around the city, meeting the makers and having fun. I promise there’ll be chocolate that doesn’t break the rules!!

All vegan Hidden Gems Food Tours in Veganuary 2020 receive 10% discount off normal price.

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