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Foodie Crushing on Daft Puddin'

There’s this chap who’s lived and cooked in Amsterdam for over 15 years and now that he's come back home to the British North, he's given the city what I might just call the best Yorkshire Pudding in York.

Meet Jason of Daft Pudding. He's the one on the right, with the hat. Next to him is Duffy - more on him later.

Daft Puddin' and Duffy's Chocolates

The story starts with a chef longing for home and looking for new adventure. The story continues with Pud #1, a food truck with a Yorkshire colliery winding wheel (whatever that is) and a Lancashire(!) mill chimney. May we finally make peace all.

Daft Puddin' in Shambles Market

Tourists in York might search high and low for the best traditional Yorkshire Puddings, but all too often it is to no avail.

“ Is this soggy piece of oily batter turned into a wrap and eaten sloppily on the corner of Kings Square really the thing of legend?”

It’s no surprise many leave disappointed by their first encounter with the Yorkshire Pud.

So rolls in Jason to the rescue. You’ll find him in a bright red trailer on the far right side of the veg stalls at the Shambles Market. His menu boasts of 7 different Puddings. You’ll find one for brunch fans (Eggs Heathcliff), another fit for Sunday Lunch every day and a few more surprising creations. Try one of his two choices of sweet Yorkies, if you dare. Yes, I did say sweet.

The Pudding I’m foodie crushing on, though, is commonly known as “The Pit” - a charcoal batter filled with slow cooked pork laid on a bed of mole sauce, topped with charcoal cheese and shavings of Duffy's bean-to-bar chocolate. It’s daring and impressive and the most delicious homage to the North’s mining heritage you will find.

Yorkshire Pudding - "The Pit"

And it even comes with flames. Yes, street food at its best.

Follow Daft Puddin' on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Visit Jason at the Shambles Market.

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