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The Best Breakfast & Brunch Places in York

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

As dawn breaks over the ancient walls of York and the Minster's silhouette graces the morning sky, one other thing hasn’t changed in hundreds of years: Hungry foodies head out in search of breakfast!

In this post we’re going to explore the best breakfast spots in York. As you’ll see, there’s something for everyone - whether you’re into sizzling bacon, arepas, freshly baked pastries, a savoury crepe, or a quick cup of coffee.

York’s breakfast and brunch scene is thriving. Our popular breakfast walking tour has introduced plenty to the gastronomic wonders of mornings in York, but there's always more to explore. Have you tried any of the places below?...

Fossgate & Walmgate

The Hairy Fig

Fossgate running into Walmgate is a paradise of independent cafés, starting with the Hairy Fig, purveyor’s of fine fodder deli.

If you're in the mood for some culinary exploration, they boast an amazing selection of aged and flavoured balsamics, olive and specialty oils, and all kinds of loose teas. And for those who crave a caffeine kick or a sweet treat, their fresh coffee beans, European liquors, chocolates, and biscuits won't disappoint.

The deli next door is where you can get your breakfast fix, with freshly baked bread, tempting pies, pasties, quiches, sausage rolls, and a variety of antipasti. Visit the charming café nestled at the back and treat yourself to dishes made with ingredients straight from their deli and shop.


On Fossgate, Rise is smashing the breakfast scene - and that’s not just their popular avocado dishes! The smoothies are full of sumptuous goodness and they have a bunch of coffee options worth rising out of bed for.

Make sure you arrive early to get a table, as they don’t take reservations. We recommend the Breakfast Roll and anything from the moreish brunch club menu.

Paradiso Dolce Salato

Pop into Paradiso Dolce Salato (sister to the famous Paradiso del Cibo) for fresh bread, great coffee, pastries, and freshly made Italian canolis and ammaretti cookies from their goodie jar - still warm and melt in your mouth!

Pig & Pastry

From Walmgate, you can take a morning walk over Skeldergate Bridge to the famous Bishopthorpe Road area (Bishy Road to locals, and also fondly known as Bishy Rue since Tour de France sped through here in 2014) to soak up the atmosphere and to have breakfast in one of its many eateries.

The Pig & Pastry is one iconic café that still draws a well deserved crowd. This neighbourhood cafe has been on Bishopthorpe Road since 2008, serving delicious breakfasts, brunch and lunch options that include pastries, breakfast sandwiches and sourdough toasties!


As much as we Brits love to queue, standing in line and waiting for breakfast isn’t as popular as you might think. Unless you happen to be in line for Robinsons, where it’s definitely worth the wait!

This breakfast, brunch and lunch spot further down Bishopthorope Road is famous for its American-style pancakes, poached eggs and welcoming atmosphere.

Stanley & Ramona

If waiting isn’t your thing, cross the road for a takeaway. You can get single origin coffee and freshly baked cakes and pastries - including loads of vegan-friendly offerings - at Stanley & Romana. Grab something to go and head to Rowntrees park. Or sit inside and watch the world go by. We recommend the Earl Grey, raspberry and rose tea loaf and the lemon, polenta and almond cake. The brownies, cinnamon buns, and sourdough sandwiches are great, too!



One of york’s most popular breakfast spots is Partisan on Micklegate. If you’re a fan of French toast and hearty breakfasts served in rustic skillets, or like the sound of an indulgent scallop and bacon roll - this is the place for you.

The Partisan team serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea every day of the week. The all-day breakfast/brunch menu has some of the best day-starters in the city, and there are plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians.

Inspired by a long term vision and experience as a zen chef, Argentinian Florencia and her partner, farmer Hugo, have developed a menu based on an ethos to use locally sourced



Little Arras

Goodramgate in York now boasts four (yes, four!) amazing bakeries specialising in quality sourdough bread and Little Arras is one of our favourites. Along with its delicious breads, this early morning bakery/café hits the spot with its coffee, savoury pastries, and sweet treats. We recommend the sausage rolls and moreish monkey bread.


For an indulgent breakfast with south american flair head to Tricolor, York’s favourite Colombian restaurant. For breakfast we recommend some arepas, grilled corn dough pockets filled with your choice of cheese, bacon, scrambled eggs and sofrito sauce - alongside a colombian coffee or some aguapanela.

The Shambles Market


If you’re a fan of crepes and pancakes, you’ll love galettes! These typically savoury crepes originate in Brittany and are made using gluten-free buckwheat flour. The result is a rich, nutty batter that’s perfect for a hearty breakfast crepe.

There’s only one place in York for out of this world galletes: Krep. Head to the Shambles Market and pick up a Complet, a rich mix of yorkshire ham, egg, cheddar and dijon mustard, or the Truffe, which blends mushroom and truffle duxelles with dijon mustard and black pepper. There’s no better way to start your day!

Outside of York

Yorkshire Heart Vineyard

If you’re looking for something a bit different, head out of the city to Yorkshire Heart Vineyard. York’s very own vineyard has a café where you can enjoy the Ukrainian chefs’ very own breakfast speciality, syriniki - a kind of cottage cheese griddle cake served with local honey.

There are plenty of other options too, and you can always stay into the afternoon for a wine tour or tasting experience.

York's Best Breakfast

So, there you have it—York's breakfast and brunch scene is as diverse and historic as the city itself.. If your stomach is rumbling after reading all of that, head to our tours page and book your own culinary adventure. And keep an eye on this post - we'll be updating it as we continue to taste our way around York in 2023!

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