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Oshibi Dessert Boutique: *Bae

*Bae - Korean for pear - also means abundance and is a symbol of divine sustenance.

Those in the know have long since discovered the delights of Oshibi's homely Korean restaurant hidden down a courtyard and up some stairs off York's Fossgate. The legendary bibimbaps, the sumptious BBQ, the royal jeon pancakes, the delightful fried dumplings, the accompanying Korean banchan condiments (sometimes foraged), oooh and not to be missed, Seongho's punchy kimchi...I could go on......

But how many of you know about the sweet sensation Oshibi Dessert Boutique: Bae which has just opened downstairs?

Ross & Seongho, owners of Oshibi, have created a special space for Philippine pastry chef and friend, Mikhail, to showcase his beautifully designed and exquisitely flavoured pan Asian desserts which fuse Asian ingredients with rigorous French patisserie technique. The result is dessert dining on another level.

"Bae" (also pronounced pear but with a "b")

Mikhail's signature dessert is indeed divine sustenance symbolised by the Century pear. The pear holds centre stage and is surrounded by a pear sorbet and cream cheese ganache Montée dipped in tempered white chocolate. Cinder toffee is scattered around the edge. Warm kirsch is poured over and the resulting collapse brings a gasp of delight. The flavours combine beautifully to bring you a deliciously unforgettable dessert tasting experience.

And if this is not temptation enough, you could try out chocolate decadence with a Miso caramel sauce, Matcha & chocolate opera cake, Yuja citrus fruit posset, entremet Goguma, lilac coloured yam cake and strawberry Ddalgi... All Mikhail's carefully crafted desserts are bursting with flavour and provide a beguiling touch of the orient.

As they say at Oshibi,

"Have what you like, like what you have..."

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