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WIN a Foodie Hamper for May Day

I’m told that in the UK, May Day is all about Morris Dancing and drunken ale drinking.

No trouble with that but what I’m offering you today might just be even better than all of the above.

May Day Competition

I’m talking £25 value Foodie Hamper complete with ale, food, more tipples and more delicious bites.

One hamper. One winner. The game is on and you have until April 31st to play.

The winner will be revealed on 1st of May and no, I cannot promise there will be any Morris Dancing. ;-)

So what do you have to do to be the happy winner?

Share your experience to win.

Remember all those pictures you took on the tour?

Well time to pull out your favourite and share them on Social Media.

Tag @ToursinaDish on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tell us what you loved about the tour.

On May 1st, I’ll be getting the cameras out and going live online to announce the winners.

Just a reminder here that there will be no Morris Dancing...

The Rules?

Post a picture taken on the tour and tell us why you had a great time.

It's fine also if it's the picture of a place you returned to after the tour. Just mention it in the post.

Limited to one entry per Social Media Channel.

Which means...

May Day Contest


2 posts on Facebook = 1 entry.

Simple? Yeah…

Now grab our handle and get posting!


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